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We need your help! ?

The EU Health Policy Platform of the European Commission invited organisations to submit proposals to form new 'Thematic Networks' last month. Thematic networks are set up for one year to produce a Joint Statement to inform the Commission in a health policy area of high interest. 

Working with EFAD, ENDietS and a number of other organisations, European Nutrition for Health Alliance submitted a proposal focusing on the need for integrated nutrition care for cancer patients. Watch the five-minute pitch webinar by Joost Wesseling here on-demand.

"Integrated Nutrition Cancer Care" has been chosen as one of five semi-finalists - but we need your help to officially turn it into a thematic network.

The three themes with the most votes will be named as the winners and move forward to the next stage. Please sign up to the European Health Policy Platform and vote for our proposal.

Cast your vote by midnight on 26 July


Graphic with silhouette of a student to illustrate the Student of the Year award

Could you be the EFAD Student of the Year?

EFAD's Student of the Year Award 2021 has been created to celebrate the highest achieving student during the academic year 2020/21.

If you are or were a BSc or MSc nutrition or dietetics student this academic year - and you are a member of a National Dietetic Association or studying at a Higher Education Institution that is a member of EFAD - please apply for the chance to be named EFAD's Student of the Year!

There are great prizes on offer, including a €100 Amazon voucher and free registration to the 13th EFAD Congress.

Find out how to apply here

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Spotlight: ESDN for Obesity Committee

An update on what the committee has been working on.

ESDN Obesity graphic

ESDN Obesity has been really busy lately. We have worked closely with The European Association for the Study of Obesity to build European Guidelines for adults and children living with obesity. We also joined forces with the Obesity Policy Engagement Network in classifying obesity as a chronic relapsing disease and fighting for access to fair, effective obesity treatment and management for people living with obesity.

In January, ESDN members Dr Antonis Vlassopoulos, Elisabeth Govers, Hilda Mulrooney, Odysseas Androutsos & Maria Hassapidou published the article Dietetic management of obesity in Europe: gaps in current practice, in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Two surveys collected data on existing dietetic guidelines and the current practice of European dietitians, to highlight the need for a more unified approach in the dietetic management of obesity in Europe.

Based on the article topic, Dr. Antonis Vlassopoulos held a successful webinar and discussion in April, with more than 500 attending. The webinar will be available to watch on-demand on our Youtube channel soon.

ESDN Obesity is currently running a survey to map the most recent existing guidelines around the dietetic management of obesity in adults and children.

If you are a dietitian or health professional working with people living with obesity, or with an interest in obesity management, join ESDN Obesity's Facebook Group.


From the Journal

Article spotlight - "Food Insecurity and Malnutrition"

Kompass Journal front cover

Food insecurity is defined as the disruption of food intake or eating patterns because of lack of money and other resources. Although a relationship between food insecurity and malnutrition would seem intuitive, this relationship remains unclear.

This review was aimed at summarising the emerging evidence of the relationship between food insecurity, malnutrition, and intestinal microbial changes.

Read the article here




New project aiming to improve older adults' appetites launches

EU project APPETITE – Innovative plAnt Protein fibre and Physical activity solutions to address poor appEtite and prevenT undernutrITion in oldEr adults - is a project within the Joint Programming Initiative, ‘A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life’

The aim is to prevent undernutrition in community-dwelling older people by enhancing appetite through targeted nutrition and physical activity.

Find out more about the project here.


UN Sustainable Goals logo

UN teams up with Peter Rabbit to inspire young #FoodHeroes

Ahead of World Food Day in October, the United Nations, FAO and UN Foundation have teamed up with Peter Rabbit and his friends on a digital campaign to encourage their fans to be food heroes.

The campaign wants to encourage young people and their families to become #FoodHeroes like Peter and his friends, by choosing healthy food, reducing food waste, and celebrating other food heroes who work hard to get food to our plate every day.

Find out more about the Act Now campaign here.


UN: World hunger spiked in 2020

There was a 'dramatic worsening' of world hunger in 2020, the United Nations has said.

A multi-agency report estimates that around a tenth of the global population – up to 811 million people – were undernourished last year. The number, which it says is likely related to the fallout of COVID-19, suggests it will take a huge effort for the world to honour its pledge to end hunger by 2030.  

Read the full report here.


World Obesity logo

Newly Updated SCOPE Module on Obesity and COVID-19

World Obesity Federation has updated its SCOPE E-Learning module on obesity and COVID-19. The updated module is now available in Spanish, French and Portuguese as well as English.

The module provides an overview of the links between the two diseases and outlines effective management strategies. It incorporates the latest data and research on obesity and COVID-19, as well as information on vaccine efficacy in people with obesity.

Access the module for free here.

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Calls for submissions

BNF Logo

BNF Drummond Early Career Scientist Award 2021 open for submissions

The award recognises early career nutrition scientists who show great potential to be future leaders in the field. The closing date for applications is 1 August and applications from all countries are welcome.

Find out more here.


Events and webinars

If you're attending a webinar or event that our members would love to hear about, let us know!

We are calling for EFAD members to get involved in live sharing of key info and summaries from events and webinars you're attending, so that we can share on the EFAD Twitter account. Aquesta adreça de correu-e està protegida dels robots de spam.Necessites Javascript habilitat per veure-la.


EFAD Congress
26 - 30 October

EFAD Congress 2021 is welcoming abstracts for oral and poster presentation. We will hold interactive e-poster sessions to maximise the opportunity for delegates to present their work and research projects. 

The Scientific Programme Committee will peer-review all abstracts and consider the quality of the abstract in terms of its relevance to the congress theme, research quality, and originality. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism.

The deadline for submissions has been extended until 22 July! Submit your abstract here.

EFAD Congress banner

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