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Call for Leaders and Members of EFAD European Specialist Dietetic Networks

EFAD invites nominations for specialist dietitians interested in contributing to the work of the following European Specialist Dietetic Networks committees from 2024 to 2028:

 Food Service
 Older Adults
 Primary Care
 Public Health

⏳Deadline for nominations: April 28, 2024.

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Coming tonight: ESDN Older Adults webinar on "Nutrition & Dementia"

Don't miss the webinar on "Optimizing mealtime insulin dosing: carbohydrate counting and beyond", organized by ESDN Diabetes, on April the 9th at 6 pm CET.

 Register for the webinar.


World Water Day - EuHHAC Hydration Toolkit

World Water Day was celebrated on March 22nd, and the UN's message for 2024 wass 'Water for Peace'. As health and well-being advocates, dietitians understand water's critical role in maintaining a healthy body and preventing diseases.

Water is not just a beverage; it's a vital component for our bodies' normal functioning. That's why Increasing Healthy Hydration awareness has become a key element of our work.

In collaboration with experts, EFAD has launched the European Healthy Hydration Awareness Campaign (EuHHAC) to educate dietitians and health professionals about the importance of healthy hydration.

A recent initiative from EuHHAC is the Healthy Hydration Toolkit. Download it from the EFAD website and learn how to integrate healthy hydration discussions into your consultations in six easy steps, from assessment to follow-up ideas.

📣 #Survey Calling all dietitians and nutritionists teaching in Higher Education Institutes across the UK and Europe! Ulster University researchers, in partnership with EuHHAC, have developed a survey to assess the inclusion of "healthy hydration" content in the curriculum.

 Take the survey.


Diabetes and Ramadan - Infographic by ESDN Diabetes

Did you miss this important piece of information?

Dive into the infographic, tailored to empower dietitians and healthcare professionals navigating the intersection of diabetes management and Ramadan observance.

 Find out more and download the infographic.


EFAD Projects

SO-NUTS Final Symposium

The SO-NUTS project, in which EFAD is a partner organised the final event and symposium titled: "Strong together against sarcopenia and obesity: the synergy of nutrition and exercise."

Dr Amalia Tsagari, ESDN Older Adults Lead participated on behalf of EFAD.

SO-NUTS aimed to provide essential insights required to develop innovative strategies for preventing obesity, sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity taking into account sociodemographic and health-related characteristics.

 Find out more about SO-NUTS and the project's results. 


ENDietS news..

Education Fair by ENDietS - 5 April 2024

The ENDietS Education Fair offers a wide range of resources, networking opportunities, and information about academic programs. It is a two-half-day online event for nutrition and dietetic students around Europe. 
🗓️ When: April 5, 2024

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Low/no calorie sweeteners and their beneficial role in oral health - ISA Factsheet

Low/no calorie sweeteners are sweet-tasting food ingredients with no, or virtually no calories
that, contrary to sugars, cannot be fermented by oral bacteria and, therefore, do not
contribute to dental caries.
Consumption of foods/drinks containing low/ no calorie sweeteners instead of sugar may help maintain tooth mineralisation by decreasing mineral (calcium and phosphate) loss from
the enamel.

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Specialised Nutrition Europe releases new term manifesto ahead of upcoming EU parliamentary elections

Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE) has released its manifesto for the 2024 – 2029 term of the EU Parliament, set to be elected this June. The group highlights the need for policymakers to ensure common standards to guarantee the nutrition of vulnerable groups, enable informed choices, address obesity, malnutrition and food allergies and safeguard the EU market.

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ESPEN Clinical Nutrition Journal - March 2024

Stay tuned for all the latest news and relevant studies on Clinical Nutrition.

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Congresses, Events and Webinars

Webinars / Workshops

International Year of Millets Closing Event

The International Year of Millets (IYM 2023) has raised awareness and policy attention to: the nutritional and health benefits of millet consumption; the suitability of millets for cultivation under adverse and changing climatic conditions; and the benefits of creating market opportunities for small-scale producers.

Join the IYM 2023 Closing event to hear the achievements and lessons learned, and the challenges and opportunities identified for future investments to strengthen millets value chains around the world. 

📌 When: 29 March, 2024
📍 Where: Online

 You can find out more & register.


ESPGHAN Webinar: Complementary feeding – When, What and How?

The introduction of foods other than milk to the infant diet is a topic of much debate among healthcare professionals, policymakers and parents. Timing is an important consideration and when to introduce complementary foods has been widely discussed. What should be given is also a topic of interest. Are all foods equal? Do some deserve special consideration?

📌 When: 11 April, 2024
📍 Where: Online

 You can find out more & register.

National Dietetic Associations Events

The 66th German Congress - Interdisciplinary Nutrition Therapy 2024, organized by VDD

60+ invited speakers will present and discuss the most up-to-date evidence on science and its relevance to evidence-based practice. The annual conference is devoted to the topic: "Dietetics and Networking live in Wolfsburg again!"

📌 When: 11 - 13 April, 2024
📍 Where: CongressPark Wolfsburg, Germany
*The official language of the congress is German.*

 Find out more & register.

European-wide Congresses/ Events

31st European Congress on Obesity

The next ECO2024, 31st European Congress on Obesity, will be held in the city of Venice, Italy, between the 12th and 15th of May 2024.

📌 When: 12 - 15 May, 2024
📍 Where: Venice, Italy

 Find out more.

17th European Public Health Conference 2024

The European Public Health Conference Foundation and the European Public Health Association are organizing the 17th EPH Conference: "Sailing the Waves of European Public Health: exploring a Sea of Innovation."

📌 When: 13 - 15 November 2024
📍 Where: Lisbon, Portugal

 Find out more.


46th ESPEN Congress

The 46th ESPEN Congress on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism will be held in Milan, Italy this September. Early registration is now open.

📌 When: 7 - 10 September 2024
📍 Where: Milan, Italy

 Find out more.


EFPC 2024 Conference

The EFPC association announces its 2024 annual conference with a focus on Sustainability in Primary Care. The Call for Abstracts is open until May 1st.

📌 When: 15 - 17 September 2024
📍 Where: Ljubljana, Slovenia

 Find out more.


WHO Europe Summer School

WHO/Europe’s Special Initiative on NCDs and Innovation (SNI), Université Côte d’Azur, and Ulysses European University organize an in-person 4-day summer-school course to explore systems thinking and innovation for the prevention of non-communicable diseases and a healthy aging population in the WHO European Region.
📌 When: 16 - 19 June, 2024
📍 Where: Nice, France

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NNEdPro-Cambridge Summer School & Foundation Certificate in Applied Human Nutrition 

The NNEdPro-Cambridge Summer School offers a comprehensive Foundation Certificate in Applied Human Nutrition, covering a broad spectrum of basic nutritional concepts and their applications in healthcare, policy, and prevention.

As EFAD members, you are eligible for a 10% discount on registration, by using the code NNEDPROP24. 
📌 When: April/ September, 2024
📍 Where: Cambridge/ Online

 Find out more.

International Events

19th International Congress of Nutrition and Dietetics (ICND2024)

At ICND2024, the theme “Rise to the Challenge” aims to inspire and empower attendees.  The world of nutrition and dietetics faces an ever-evolving landscape, and this theme reflects the commitment to helping dietitians overcome obstacles, embrace change, and elevate their professional journey.

📌 When: 12 - 14 June, 2024
📍 Where: Toronto, Canada

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